Treatment Philosophy


Sometimes a person is hesitant about beginning therapy because of a fear that we will spend the whole time focusing on and digging up the past. I believe that it is important to understand the past so that one can recognize what is upsetting now, and how to make the best decisions in the future. I often focus on the past to the extent that it will help to improve the future. I help each client learn specific techniques that can directly improve daily life, such as learning effective communication skills and relaxation methods.

Whether you are interested in therapy because of a specific problem, or a general feeling of unhappiness, I try to meet you where you are, establish workable goals, and assist you in the process of change. In therapy, I provide a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment.


Together we will:

  • Explore your concerns.
  • Understand the roots of your behaviors.
  • Gain new insights.
  • Make necessary changes.
  • Learn new coping skills.
  • Accept the things that cannot be changed.